Food Travel Tips For Seniors

Food Travel Tips For Seniors

If you are 65 or older, and you are planning a trip, it’s important to remember how to keep safe from avoiding foods and drinks that might bring complications in your stomach and even make you sick. Seniors are vulnerable to bacteria, viruses and diseases. It is important to know what to and not to eat when travelling or vacationing. Otherwise, you might not enjoy your trip because you will end up wreathing in pain and seeking for medical attention for the better part of the period. As you enjoy your travel, you should keep the following food travel tips on mind throughout your travel.

  1. Do a thorough research

When you are travelling to a new place, you should research a collection of gastronomical and healthy options you can’t miss. This will help you avoid any tourist traps, or asking locals for their recommendations. When you do a good research, you will know all the safe places where you can get delicious dishes that will not give you any health problems.

  • Prioritize vegetables and protein

Protein is important because it will keep you fuller for a longer time and give you the much needed energy while travelling. You should prioritize protein to carbohydrates. Protein is also good for seniors as it helps muscles recover after a day of activities. This will also help you reduce and maintain a healthy weight because you will be fuller faster and for longer time, which means that you won’t be eating every now and then.

  • Plan ahead

Plan on what you want to feed on. If you are on diet, then you should make sure that you stick to it even as you travel. It is easier to eat and stick to a balanced and nutritious diet if you plan ahead. Plan to eat regularly so that you avoid getting so hungry. As you know, allowing yourself to get so hungry will only make you eat larger portions than you should. This is really unhealthy not only for seniors but also for everyone else no matter the age.

  • Prepare meals

Of course, it’s fun and tempting to go with the available local food options. However, alternating the local foods with preparing your own food is the best way to avoid extra salt, extra oils, and additives. If you are still strong enough, and you can find those hotels that allow people to prepare their own meals, then you should prepare your own food. Visit for a 2020 supplement plan.