Do Medigap plans provide prescriptions for the elderly?

Do Medigap plans provide prescriptions for the elderly?

Despite the enthusiastic news that the Medicare Advantage average premium will fall by 4%, there are disturbing news for Medicare beneficiaries. According to a recent study done by Avalere Health, it was expected that in 2012 the co-payment expenses for branded drugs would increase. The fee is a sum that your health insurance contract may have to pay for a particular service or medical assistance. For example, for a visit to the office, health insurance may require a payment of $ 25 or $ 35 for a brand of prescription drugs, the insurance company usually pays the balance needed to complete the taxes.

Co-payment for preferred brand drugs will increase up to 40%, while non-preferred brand drugs will increase by an average of 30%. Preferred brand drugs are generally drugs for which the prescription drug policy has negotiated a discount with the manufacturer. For preferred generic drugs, the odds remain unchanged. It is expected that non-privileged generics will lower their co pay by 43%. Beneficiaries of health care must also pay a higher percentage of the cost of special drugs, which can exceed $ 1,000 per prescription. Special drugs include many of the latest solutions for chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis. New anticancer drugs in the form of pills are also considered specialized drugs.

Are the Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part D fonts useful?

Most Medicare Advantage policies help with some, but not all, prescription drugs. The same applies to Part D of Medicare. Therefore, a benefit criterion or a Part D criterion is not necessary. Always check which drugs are insured by each policy. Medicare announced in 2012 that the Medicare Part D awards will remain unchanged. Prices are still around $ 30 a month. According to a study by Avalere, policies with the lowest monthly premium may not always be the best solution. Avalere CEO, Dan Mendelson said: “Older people should go beyond the premium to understand the benefits, and the more the expense load is transferred to the patient in need, the more important the level is”

According to Medicare officials who read the study, the average prices of the policies do not determine what will end up paying a single beneficiary. Jon Blum, Deputy Director of Medicare, said that a general conclusion should not be drawn, as the individual need for medication is individualized. You must know the policy and the drugs that the person is taking. Is the health care review beneficial for the elderly?

As noted by Blum, the Health Care Review Act saves money for recipients with high drug costs. For those who are in the insurance vacuum of the period without Medicare coverage, beneficiaries can benefit from a 50% discount on branded drugs. About 47 million people with disabilities receive Medicare and about nine out of ten have a prescription drug plan. The plans of Medicare Part D have different insurance. The most used plan has 5 levels: medicinal specialties, generic favorites, non-favorite brands, favorite brands, non-favorite generics.