3 Types Of Foods Seniors Should Avoid Before They Fly

3 Types Of Foods Seniors Should Avoid Before They Fly

Planning a trip to a foreign country can be exciting especially for seniors who usually have very little to do at home. Most seniors usually experience pre-flight anxiety, which is usually prompted by endless security checkpoints, endless baggage lines, as well as screaming children. The fear of having to make frequent trips to the lavatory of the plane can extend these fears. If you eat or drink the wrong thing before flying, you may be forced to endure more than just space-invading neighbors, children screams, and any other thing that could bore you. Concerning foods and drinks, here are what you should avoid especially before you fly. Take extra care of your health with a plan from https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2019/

  1. Carbonated beverages

There are so many forces that you will be competing against when flying especially for long hours. Some of them include smelly neighbor, unfriendly flight attendants, boredom and dehydration. To fight these forces, you need to be at your best. Taking carbonated beverages can make you suffer from cramping and bloating, and these are the worst two things that will not allow you to be at your best. Carbonated beverages are known to be one of the major causes of bloating in seniors. Avoiding such beverages completely will help you have a great experience when you fly.

  • Alcohol

For some people, downing on some cocktails is usually part of any pre-flight procedure. This is understandable because it helps alleviate the fear of flying. Furthermore, it usually serves as a great liquid sleeping pill. However, doctors usually say that taking alcohol during or before flight should actually be avoided. Alcohol makes you dehydrated, and this only worsens the situation because dehydration is already one of the concerns for a good number of senior fliers because of the salty meals and ultra-dry air on planes. In case you must take alcohol, be sure to take it in very little quantity. Again, you should also take a lot of water to counteract any bad effect of alcohol.

  • Super-saturated dishes

Seniors should also avoid gas giants before flying. These foods make your intestine to expand, which adds to your already bloated stomach promoted by pressurized plane cabin. Some of the most notorious foods are super-saturated and fried dishes. Also included in this category are beans, cabbage, lentils, cauliflower, and onions. Be sure to avoid these foods because gas troubles will not only cause personal discomfort, but might also outdo questions of public decency.